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I believe that happiness and healing is possible for everyone! That is why I create jewelry with love and healing blessings for you!

Each piece is handmade by me, using sterling silver and high grade gemstones that will bring Love and Healing to your awareness.


Each piece I make is a little prayer for your happiness and healing...

I created Moonstone River Jewelry so that I can share love and healing with you! Love is the most powerful healer. Love is at the heart of every success story, including mine! I believe that happiness and healing is possible for everyone because I suffered with anxiety and depression for over 12 years and found healing by choosing love. Now, I create jewelry to inspire you to choose love and healing for yourself because you deserve a life full of love and happiness! 

I believe that intentions are powerful and that one persons prayers can light up a world.  I create my jewelry as little prayers for you, helping you to remember your magnificence and wholeness. In a world that can often feel stressful, we need little reminders and helpers to remind and guide us to choose love in each moment. My jewelry is made with loving energy and blessings for your happiness and inner peace. When you wear one of my pieces, I have set the intention for you to feel uplifted, calm, confident and in love! My wish for you is that you will know peace and happiness in your heart and mind. Be so kind to yourself, you are the light of the world! Open your heart and swing open the doors to let love win! Your very own presence blesses and heals you because you are the healer. Your presence blesses and heals others so keep shining your light! 

Lindsay Xo

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